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If you are working to improve the world, the country or your community, communicating your messages well can help you attract supporters, change policy and inform those you want to help.


Using your website, social media, newsletters and other publications can help you tell the outside world what you are doing and why you are doing it.


Many smaller organisations don't have the resources to recruit internal communications expertise or to bring in external support.


Marmoset Media has years of experience supporting those who often struggle to have their voices heard. Whether you need help clarifying your brand, creating compelling content or deciding how best to spread the word, Marmoset can help you achieve your goals.


Marmoset wants to help so we are offering a free communications audit to any organisation which is working for the common good.

After asking you some simple questions, we will look at your brand, website, publications and social media presence, and suggest ways you can communicate more effectively.


Hiring an agency to help you develop a communications strategy can cost thousands of pounds but Marmoset is offering you this service for just £250.

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If you would like us provide you a report which will tell you what you are doing well and how you can improve, email the address below and we will be in touch.