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Maurice Mcleod

Maurice Mcleod 

I am an experienced social commentator and journalist who has worked on a range of national newspapers including the Guardian, the Spectator, The Voice and The Daily Express in an 15-year career before setting up Marmoset Media. I'm also a director of campaign group Media Diversified and a trustee at Race on the Agenda. I also regularly comment on social issues on TV.


I love exploring new ideas and finding ways of sharing them with others in the most effective way.


Good communication is about empathy. I always write with my reader in mind.


We are all much more alike than we tend to believe and I think all truly held views are worth listening to.


I believe the world is changing and people are connecting in new ways. The barriers to engaging with audiences are crumbling away and organisations of all sizes can connect directly with their customers, supporters or beneficiaries.


Telling your story well is more important than ever and I can help you do that.


Broadcast appearances

Partly Political Broadcast: Ep 24, 12 July 2016

ITV: Why I won't excercise my Right to Buy

Sky News: Why are black people voting Tory?

Consented TV: What is the state of British Media?

Ben TV: Corbyn, Migrants, Drogba & Bond

Sky News: Why shouldn't you sack Jeremy Clarkson?



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