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Engage your whole audience: before someone else does

Embracing diversity is no longer a nice thing to do, it's a business necessity.

By definition diversity is diverse and there are any number of ways Marmoset can help you.


For example, we could:

  • Produce content relevant to a broad audience by engaging our network of over 150 writers

  • Oversee or contribute to reports or research into specific communities

  • Train and mentor your existing staff with access to some of the best trainers in Britain.


The only way to really know how we can help you is for us to talk. Give us a call or send an email. Details are at the bottom of the page.


Some Past Projects


Lebara Community

Using our network of talented writers, we provided over 400 articles by black, Asian and migrant writers to help launch a comprehensive new service for migrants to the UK.  We also engaged the voluntary sector in the project and consulted on its development.


Media Diversified

We are affiliated with campaign group Media Diversfied (MD) and often partner with this increasingly important organisation. MD has just passed its 2nd birthday and is already an important platform for high quality content for a diverse audience. With over 100 talented writers, MD is launching a growing number of careers and the site has become a destination in its own right, attracting 60k visitors every month.



We ran the London pilot for this £24m DfES project, which aimed to bridge the digital divide. Our role was to make sure a diverse range of Londoners had access to the new service. We worked on the project for over three years from early concept to pilot delivery.


Kick it Out

We were brought in to help anti-racism in football campaign Kick it Out engage with the media. Working together over a number of years, Kick it Out became a household name while fighting racism in football.


Rethink Mental Illness

Mental health charity Rethink asked us to produce a publication to introduce the issue of mental illness to a minority ethnic audience. We commissioned content and oversaw production of this important resource, which was then distributed to readers via the ethnic press.